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Aside from Chocolate Lovers Passions (the site you are on now), there doesn't appear to be any other niche dating sites focused explicitly on connecting singles around a shared interest in chocolate. We will keep our eyes open for an option that might be a good fit, but (currently) the closest we can find to recommend is a site focused on connecting people with a shared love of food, often called 'foodies'. Since many 'foodies' often have a sweet tooth for a good dessert, you may be able to find other chocolate lava cake lovers or chocolate ganache lovers on the site below. Check out the site below to see if it sounds interesting.


Date A Foodie

Find Fellow Foodies Online
While Date A Foodie is not specifically a site for those with a sweet tooth, you may get lucky since many foodies have a sweet tooth for a good dessert. Liking desserts does not mean someone will like candy in general, but at least there is a bit of a connection here. The great thing is that you can join Date A Foodie for free to see what you think of the members and the features of the site before every deciding whether or not you want to sign up for a full membership. Have fun!


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